Letter to Louis


Letter to Louis 


Within the clutter of your curls, lies your charm. From the moment I met you I knew you were a kindred soul. You seemed to love everyone for who they were despite any flaws. You were able to look beyond others past and loved them for the moments they spent with you. You enabled me to forget my past and remember the childlike happiness, I once had.  Optimistic and constantly curious, you play with reality as though all there is, is the moment we are in. Though you try to hide away and go unnoticed, you remain unforgettable. The world can only see you with a smile and the touch of your curly fro. But many get lost in those curls and cannot see the tragic reality you have come to know. I see the spilt in your soul, the kindred spirit still remains but much has been cut away by the recent suicide of your cousin. Your loss has left you lost. Left to fight an emotional battle with yourself against your past. With so much left unsaid, so little guidance, we find ourselves so alone. The world seems disrupted.  You have entered almost a new world, a secret world. But hopefully, what I discovered in you, you found in me: that though it may seem we are fighting ourselves we are not alone. There will always be someone their to bring the childhood wonder back to life. Someone who can also cry with you. Someone who might not have necessarily have been through the same shit you have, but who can just understand.

As I have seen in this time with you, the excitement of life and your non-judgmental attitude towards others still remains, just a little jaded. Now with constant questions and the occasional disheartened feeling of failure. The world may no longer be filled with happiness for you, but if I know anything about you, it is that you will strive on to find the good behind all the hurt. You are in a new world, but don’t let it fool you, there is still hope and happiness to be found among all the chaos.


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