New Body of Work! Tomorrow Still Blind

Tomorrow Still Blind is a new body of work I presented for junior tutorial.

With age, my eyes like a lens, adjust to the bizarre new realities my world becomes. For me life has never been all sunshine and daisy. Instead, the encroaching darkness has always loomed about, threatening to swallow me whole. In this body of work I toy with light’s abrasive quality to cut through different mediums, penetrating the eye in the way this strange new world has blinded me. Both the light and this new world separate the conception of time, past, present and future.  In this separation, confusion is all that I’ve come to know. In these photographs, confusion is what draws the eye in to linger, freely playing along the twist and curves of the objects within the frame. Time, then, becomes lost. “Tomorrow still blind advances slowly,” while the eye is still stuck within the frame unable to make sense of exactly what this bright, white light is that brings everything into being (John Burger 10). Without the light one would be swallowed whole by the darkness, yet the light illuminates all the confusion the world has to offer. By framing my photographs so that the light shines through, darkening all that is in the foreground, I produce images that are a reflection of my state of mind. My present is dark, my past merely a gradient that fills space, and my future the light that blinds me for I do not know what it holds, but at least I know that it is still there.

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