Work Uploaded from 2009

Mistakes by the Hesitant

Mistakes by the Hesitant is a body of work I composed in December 2009.These photographs are negatives from my Hoolga camera and scanned to put online. In addition, the last three  photographs are scans of the original prints.


With this project each photograph has a mysterious peace about it. They are still and unmoved by the world around them. However, with the set up they flow together to create an unseen, yet felt, movement brought on by the thoughts of the viewer. While making this project, at first I had no idea where it was going. I constantly worried what it would be about, what each photo would represent, and in general how would everyone else see it. But then while in the dark room, printing, and reprinting, a quote came to mind:

“Sometimes I can’t sleep, thinking of all the things we could have been. But something tells me we’re both to scared.”

Immediately I knew, I must put my doubts and worries aside, discovering peace with myself. Only in this discovery would I be able to impact the world around me, without bringing it down, like many do in their own fears. Thus this project is a projection of that discovery of harmony in thought and action.

In order to discover the tranquility and peace offered by a place that is one’s own, one must break beyond the boundaries of the mind. Escaping from the constant conundrums of every day life seems almost impossible, especially if one is to be completely aware of the actions of themselves and those around them. However, one must learn to dodge the obstacles of thought that allude them from what one is meant to be truly conscientious of. In a sense one must be constantly curious of their thoughts and the origins of those thoughts, while creating stillness free from worry and fears. It is in this stillness that one may accept past mistakes, finding courage to lead them forward without doubt. For in the doubt lies the mistakes of the hesitant who hide in fear of the cost of living. 

“Give it Up” By the Forma

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