David Allan Harvey’s Cuba

Furthering my understanding of Cuba, David Alan Harvey‘s photographs in his book entitled Cuba depicts images that speak to me as both a former witness of Cuba and as a photographer. The rich color mimics the vibrance of the island, and the blurred motions caused by action and shutter portray the liveliness of the island, despite the struggles. I find myself thinking of Cuba daily, reflecting back on as Harvey would put  how “No one goes to Cuba without feeling afraid. No one goes to Cuba without sensing something special, without feeling the music, without realizing he or she is in a country squeezed between the past & future.” Unlike the familiarity of the Sewanee Mountain where I currently reside, “being lost was just a part of every day life in Cuba.” And I believe this magical unknown is what compels so many photographers to  want to break the strict boundaries in order to bring this new excitement back for others to experience in wonder. Check out David Alan Havery’s Cuba.

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