Loving the beauty and depth of Parisa Taghizadeh Photographs

The other day I stumbled upon the work of Parisa Taghizadeh. I love his use of light in his photographs, but more importantly than the beauty behind them is the loaded messages that are being sent. This is espically true in his newest collection BOY where Taghizadeh captures his young boy’s world.

“He finds beauty in things mainly associated with girls but that’s not why he likes them. He likes them because ‘they are beautiful.’”

Not only does Parisa composition, color, and lighting reflect beauty, but demonstrates the boy’s “interior world and the things that manifest from it; what he believes in when society tells him otherwise. What started as a documentation of his daily life and observations of his theatrical little world has turned into an inquiry into what little boys are allowed to be before the world changes them and molds them into some notion of what it means to be a man in our society.”

Make sure to check it out. Image

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