Guarded Sky

Guarded Sunset

Stepping outside, the sky was on fire. Immediately, I dropped everything and reached for my camera. I fiddled with the aperture and ISO settings, wanting to keep the color true to what my eye saw.  I merely wanted to capture the beauty in the vibrance and fluff of the clouds. Yet, in post process editing, I noticed I hadn’t strayed far from my addiction to barriers and the tilt. I have been living in Atlanta for almost six months now, starting a new life, fresh and almost totally separated from the reminders of the struggle I spent four years attempting to overcome.  I guess no matter how much happiness we find, there will always remain a hinge of pain. Happiness and pain might just be another duality present in my work, represented in the above photograph through the juxtaposition of the warm, soft and delicate clouds expanding across the sky and the black hard fence separating full interaction with the sky.

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