IMG_3844Have you ever been driving down the street and made eye contact with the stranger driving the car coming at you?

I tend to.. a lot. I always wonder will we ever cross paths again? Or is this just one of the many  million of anonymous interactions we are going to have in this world we share with 7 billion other people?


They warned me, they really did.

They said, “Enjoy your college years, places like Sewanee don’t exist out there in the real world”

“Its harder to have this many friends and fun out there in the adult world”

“The time will be up before you know it,” they would say.

And I’d just respond “Don’t worry, I know. I know.’

But really I had No Clue.

The Type of loneliness that would sink in after moving from a community like Sewanee. I knew during those four year I had become party of the community, but I had no idea how much that sense of community would manifest inside of me.

It was tradition to say “hello” to everyone you passed, and even if someone didn’t know you, you shared something in being in that magical place. And for the most part, it felt like everyone knew of everyone, because most everyone did know everyone or at least knew of them. It was almost comforting the way in which everyone was in your business, even when you didn’t want them to be. Comforting in a way that made me think I wasn’t so small, justifying that my trials were what they seemed… overwhelming and all important. I was a big fish in a little pond….

Until Graduation, & moving into the real world.

I became just another grain of sand in the sea. The loneliness began to set in as I began to realize just how anonymous I was. From that I created this body of work entitled Anonymity. Continuing with themes of loneliness, abandonment,  helplessness, disconnect, vulnerability, & hope from previous works, I began to reassess my perception of the world against ideas of anonymity and community. It is our physical being (the body) and our perception, conditioned by experiences, that separate us from others. But is there more than that? Isn’t it strange that we locate ourselves in clusters like cities and towns? And that even surrounded by millions, we can feel alone? That to combat this loneliness we perform acts of community like religion or work or creating gum shrines?  Moreover, what is it that in spite of this loneliness makes us we choose to break our anonymity by designing ourselves to stand out in what we wear, do, or believe? Isn’t it weird that in the act of differentiation that we find connection?

Look at the work &  comment some thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Anonymity

  1. I’ve said in the past that the more people there are in a given place, the more isolated I feel. I don’t know what it is. Everyone seems so scared of everything that they refuse to engage with the unfamiliar. I think also that online communication media such as facebook and twitter have made it more and more unlikely that someone will initiate first contact face-to-face.

    And for the record, I’m usually the driver in the car whio makes eye contact with the passer-by.

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