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The last eight months have been such an amazing whirl wind adventure. I’ve always dreamed to live a life similar to that of Penny Lane from Almost Famous. I love her free spirit and how she constantly chases after what she loves.  Now more than ever, I feel like I’ve gotten to live out my dream.

Snowmass. Festival. Music. Yoga. Lifestyle


Working for 303 Magazine has given me the opportunity to be front row to many concerts and festivals, observing and recording photographically the musical experience. So far I’ve photographed over 20 shows, and what I’ve learned about photography, music, humanity, and myself has been incredible. I’m fascinated by an artists ability to connect to sometimes thousands of people (sometimes just a few) in an authentic way through a type of vulnerability. I’m intrigued by the performance and production creating this connection. I’m in love with the synchronicity of different elements of communication (Lights, Sounds, Images, Dance, Symbolism) vibrating together with the audience. And I’m exciting to keep being the witness and recorder, adding my own artistic touch of these musical experiences in my photography.

ARISE 2016

Pretty Lights Telluride 2016







Please Go Check Out my new Music Page with links to all of my galleries from these concerts and shows.






Click on any of the images or HERE.




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