Tips on Picking the Perfect Location for Your Engagement Photos


When he looks at you, you can’t help but smile. Whenever y’all are together your hearts skip an extra beat. Each moment with one another is a new adventure.  Here are you two, planning the best day of your lives as you embark on forever with your best friend. Your love for one another is a story to be cherished and told many times over as a reminder of the adventure of love.

I feel so incredibly lucky to be someone who gets to capture and tell these stories of lasting love in an instant world. I hope to do so in a way that shows your love as authentic, genuine, and unique as you both are. I hope not to create these stories, but to capture and highlight the already existing real-life connection you have with one another. In doing so, I photograph YOUR love story as a representation of the wildly romantic adventure that is LOVE.

Mark Maragret Engagement


Every story, sets the scene; and thus is the same with photography.  Picking the perfect scene for your love story can be hard, so I have created some tips below to help you pick the picture perfect location to tell your love story.


Find a Space that is Special to Your Relationship

Where is the place you had your first kiss? What about where the forever and always question was purposed? Is there somewhere you go every week, month, or year that means a lot to both of you?  Try to think of a place where you felt an overwhelming sense of joy, excitement, love, and adventure; a place where all dreams come true and you want every moment to last a lifetime. These places where our hearts often keep returning bring the brightest smiles and most authentic joy into stories, thus make the perfect location for your engagement session.


Technical Photo Stuff

One of the things I love most about photography is the adventure of constant change within a moment.  However, I would love to provide a key photographic element that is important to keep in mind for the best photographs possible.

Lighting! It’s all about lighting! Lighting sets the mood for your images, and the mood sets the tone in which your images are perceived.  You should be aware of how you want your story to feel. Do you want bright and airy, or dark and elegant romance?  Perhaps you want a mix of the two.

Lighting has a lot to do with time of day.  The ideal time for skin tone and overall vibrance is during what we photographers call magic hour.  Magic hour is usually two hours after sunrise or before sunset.  In order to avoid harsh tones, heavy contrast, and odd shadows, I highly recommend shooting at these times.  Location is an integral part to lighting; natural sunlight and artificial lighting are two completely different options.  Intimacy can be conveyed through a candlelit setting, but can also be portrayed through rays of sun beaming through an enchanted forest.  Your photographic images could feel more vibrant with brightly sunlit backgrounds or with neon lit cosmic bowling settings.


What Do You Want Your Images to Say

Lastly, think about how the location will shape the way your story is received. So what do you want your love story to say about your relationship with one another? Do you want something that is wild-spirited and adventurous as you both are? Maybe try somewhere in the mountains or wilderness.  Do you want to show the fun you two have together? Think fair grounds, amusement park, bowling alley, food trucks, ice cream shop, record store etc… Do you want to show the more intimate and real life side of your time together?  The perfect location for this might be your home: casual, cozy, intimate and authentic.   You could also do something like a laundry mat for a fun and unique twist.

As you can see there are a variety of ways to tell your story! I can’t wait to help tell yours!


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