Josh’s Rocky Mountain Proposal to Nicky

Proposal, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, engagement photography

The ground was frozen underneath his knee.  Bone-chilling, snow-filled wind gusted all around him.  It was only 11 Degrees in Rocky Mountain National Park, but he wasn’t shaking from the cold.  Indeed, Josh was shaking because he was overcome with excitement to ask his best-friend to spend the rest of his life with him.

Nicky was determined to remain warmly composed despite the cold weather.  She was willing to take off her jacket again and again when I asked and prepared to take more photographs.  In her mind, it was simply a photography  session of her and Josh, boyfriend and girlfriend.  She had no idea what was coming next as I told her which direction to face.

Josh spoke our secret phrase through the wind, “I could sure use some hot chocolate,” which indicated for me to get into place, gear ready, frostbitten finger on the trigger.

“Speaking of hot chocolate, I know a great place in Estes.” – my cue that everything was ready.

Josh kissed Nicky playfully for a few more moments, as if cherishing every last peck with her as his girlfriend, knowing that once he asked his next question it would change everything forever.

Nicky & Josh's Proposal, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Winter Engagement

Nicky’s face shifted from a look of confusion to an overjoyed avalanche of love and excitement!  This moment was even more perfect than anything she had dreamed all her life.  With a tear filled nod of her head, she pulled Josh off of the frozen ground for a kiss – a kiss that said, “Yes!  A million times Yes!”


Both of them were trembling, from adrenaline this time, as Josh slipped the ring on Nicky’s finger.  They danced around holding and kissing one another, shielded from the snowstorm around them, as their love for one another burned warmer than any fire.


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