Christine & Marshall’s Mount Princeton Hot Springs Wedding


Christine and Marshall were the first and last ones on the dance floor. They swing-danced, did the electric slide, the chicken dance, and the two step.  The bride, groom, and guests were having so much fun that we wanted to join in! Seriously, this wedding crew really knew how to get down, even getting grandma to kick off her shoes and dance like no one was watching.  Love had been swept in the air, creating a euphoria of dance fever.

Christine and Marshall are seriously two of the sweetest people we have ever had the pleasure of shooting. We were more than excited to be kicking off the start of the 2018 wedding season with such an amazing couple on a perfect day in the mountains!

The majesty of Mount Princeton was the perfect backdrop for celebration of Christine and Marshall’s greatest adventure yet! The spring sun glistened bright along the grounds of the Mount Princeton Hot Springs, welcoming the fresh start of warm spring in the air. The ceremony was nestled in a comfy meadow on the foothills.  A stream encompassed the venue with footbridges scattered around the pathways. Rusty, antiquated car parts lined the walls at various points of the stream adding a unique character to the waterway. The fresh winter snow melt pouring into the creek rippled around the meadow creating a wonderful serenity to the ceremony space. Chairs were aligned facing a wooden arch awaiting the arrival of the guests.

As the chairs filled and the bridal procession began to play, Christine and her father walked from their cabin to the venue and paused for a few moments at the start of one of the footbridges.  Christine was glowing as you could see the light reflected in her father’s eyes. A few moments later, he was giving her away to the love her life, Marshall.

I first fell in love with Christine and Marshall at our engagement session at Kenosha Pass. It was below freezing and down pouring rain, but Christine and Marshall were all smiles and weren’t going to let a little rain deter them from creating gorgeous photos they would cherish for years. Seriously, y’all their sense of adventure and love for one another made some magical images! GO CHECK THEM OUT.

There was hardly a moment either of them took their eyes off one another since they had said ‘I do.’  By the twinkling light of the late evening, Christine and Marshall slow danced barefoot into the night. This was their wedding day, and they wanted to spend it enjoying every ounce of happiness in celebration with one another.










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