Zoe & Josh’s Roaring Twenties Wedding at The Brown Palace

The grandfather clock ticked.   The warm sun shone through the stained glass windows.  The floating candles flickered with anticipation. In a cozy nook of the Brown Palace, Josh promised Zoe to love her for always being undeniably unique and her authentic self.  He was “her person.” She was his. And they will love one another beyond the centuries.

Stepping into The Onyx Room at The Brown Palace transported us in time.  We had left 2018 and landed ourselves into the roaring twenties. Pearls, gold sequins, and feathers adorned the tables.  The decor of The Brown Palace was the perfect setting; after all, the hotel is over a century old. Every detail from the bridesmaids’ perfect flapper girl attire to the groomsmen’s flat caps and every guest and family member being dressed in clothing of the 1920s was so perfect!  It felt as though The Brown Palace had become the Gatsby house, and Zoe, in her non-traditional black lace wedding dress, was Daisy.

Just as the story of The Great Gatsby is timeless and its characters captivating, so is the real life love story of Zoe & Josh. These two have a charisma all of their own that makes you feel cool just by being around them. Their chemistry is explosive and indulgent, paralleling the exuberance of the Roaring Twenties and rejecting traditional standards.

Zoe & Josh, your wedding takes the cake for the best themed wedding we have shot to date.  Not only were the decorations, guests, and setting so amazingly put together, but your timeless love and unique flare is unmatched. We feel so incredibly lucky and honored you trusted us with documenting your love story.


“He Loved her and that was the beginning and the end of everything”








“He looked at her the way all women want to be looked at by a man.”


“Among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars”

The Creative Team

event design & planning: Zoe Moon + Josh Bingaman + The Brown Palace

venue: The Brown Palace

Cake: The Brown Palace Bakery 

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