Art and Katherine’s Deer Creek Valley Ranch Wedding

Delaney was determined to be on time.  She actually intended to be early.  Her quick arrival created an opportunity for Art to solidify what Katherine already knew: she was about to embark on an incredible journey with the man of her dreams, who would always be there for her.  And as the songbird and the artist became three, the next chapter began.

This story was told at the altar, the vows were spoken, and the breeze flickered here and there as Katherine, Art, and Delaney united their sands inside of a picture frame and danced into the mountains and the beautiful evening ahead.

This wedding at Deer Creek Valley Ranch was stunning – the landscape and grazing horses were gorgeous, the bright blue sky flirted with the clouds all day, and the sunset was divine!  The angles of the vast valleys in contrast with the mountain peaks led your gaze into a beautiful forever.

Following dinner, Katherine and Art absolutely lit up the room!  Their first dance was wildly well choreographed, integrating many different dance styles in a way unique to them.  Shortly thereafter, Katherine sang to Art.  On a day full of highlights, this was arguably the best one.  She sang with a sexy confidence that captivated the guests, sending chills down spines.

After the cake was cut, the sky exploded with pastels.  Art and Katherine were beckoned to adventure to the wooden gazebo overlooking a quaint pond.  Carefully, Art tucked Katherine into the canoe and he guided them to their very own private island.  The two embraced as the sun nestled behind the mountains and light beads of rain fell into their moat, casting infinitely sweet ripples.

Inside, the dance party was fully alive.  Everyone was up for this one until the very last song.  As the glow sticks appeared, the guests took their places outside to send Art and Katherine out for the first time as bride and groom.  As they exited to smiles and cheers, they paused to glance back at the best night of their lives.

Art and Katherine, you two were such a dream to work with. Not only were you both so kind to us, but you showed so much love and gratitude for the guests and family who came to celebrate with you on the big day. Throughout the whole day, I felt that you two were constantly making each other laugh or cry between inside jokes, funny dance moves, or intimate exchanges of love.  It was hard to miss just how much you two enjoy being with one another and how you light up each others worlds.  Most importantly, Art and Katherine, your relationship is a true testament to the adventure of becoming a family.



Deer Creek Valley Ranch, Colorado Wedding, GazoboArt_Katherine_Wedding_Blog_MegONeillPhotography__180609_40






The Creative Team

event design & planning: Brittany Tolibas with Privé Events 

floral design: Privé Events

venue: Deer Creek Valley Ranch 

DJ: Top Hat Entertainment • Cake: French Sugar • Hair: Meredith Boles at Matthew Morris Salon   • Makeup: Amani Therapy  • Caterer & Rentals: Biscuits and Berries  • Photography: Meg O’Neill Photography  • Videography: Whitney Milton Films

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