Beth & Jeff’s Windy Point Campground Wedding

Tucked away on a hill overlooking Lake Dillon dozens and dozens of tents decorated Windy Point Campground.   One tent, in particular, had a surprise waiting for the bride. In every direction magnificent mountains began to turn a hazy blue as this tent patiently awaited the bride and the groom.

Holding hands, Beth and Jeff wandered the grounds lined with the tents of their guests. A gentle breeze chased the couple along the path.  The only sound to be heard was the distant sound of music coming from their reception. As they neared the tent roses lined the path. Beth’s eyes began to water. This tent was larger than her expectation of their traditional backpacking two person dome. As the fiery crimson sun had drifted off behind the mountains,  Jeff unzipped the doors of their tent. A plush mattress awaited the couple, adorned in rose petals, chocolate, and candles. It was their wedding night after all, and this prince was not about to let his princess sleep on a cold hard ground.

Upon the sandy shores, sailboats whirred and pirouetted in the cove.  The aspen trees rustled in the breeze and the scent of pine was fresh in the air.  Beneath a wooden frame wrapped in white silk, Beth and Jeff declared their love for one another.  The lakefront ceremony was heartfelt.  They are stronger adventuring together – they challenge each other to be better and find patience in the process.  As the stars came out, everyone danced and played an array of campground games like glow in the dark cornhole and frisbee.  No one forgot to find refreshments in the Unsinkable Suda canoe Jeff made two weeks before the wedding.

Beth and Jeff, we feel so lucky to have been chosen to capture this incredible day!  We couldn’t have enjoyed working with your adventurous spirits more! You both were so kind, trusting, and up for playing around in the woods as many times as we asked. Seriously, we could not have asked for a more playful and wildly in love couple to cherish the day with! Beth and Jeff, you two are truly a team whose respect and love for one another is constantly creating better versions of yourselves. Together you are unsinkable!!!










The Creative Team

Event Design & Planning: Beth & Jeff Suda

Ceremony Venue: Windy Point Campground


Floral design: Beth & Bridesmaids DJ: Emiliano Martinez • Hair & Makeup : Courtney CollazoAlexandra Nicole   • Photography: Meg O’Neill Photography  •

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