Sarah & Vernon’s Botanic Gardens Wedding

        In the Botanic Gardens, the lilies floated nearby, suspended on a bed of water where rain lightly dropped and circulated into eternity.  The ripples outwardly balanced movements looked like echoes from speakers, perhaps a way to hear something new. Love lyrics from the Beatles were written across the bridesmaid’s umbrellas, ricocheting [...]

Laura & Alexe’s Intimate Wedding in Crested Butte

Rain clouds rolled out on the snow covered peaks of the Crested Butte valley.  Wind whirled over the peaceful lake.  Lush greenery and wildflowers blanketed the entire valley.  Swooshing swallows sang along to the acoustic guitar. Alexe stood at the altar; his tear-filled eyes reflected the mountain tops and Laura.  Together they were about to embark [...]

Zoe & Josh’s Roaring Twenties Wedding at The Brown Palace

The grandfather clock ticked.   The warm sun shone through the stained glass windows.  The floating candles flickered with anticipation. In a cozy nook of the Brown Palace, Josh promised Zoe to love her for always being undeniably unique and her authentic self.  He was “her person.” She was his. And they will love one another [...]